My name is Simon Glik and I am a Boston, Massachusetts attorney specializing in immigration law, criminal defense and civil litigation. If you are visiting my page, you may think that you should consult a lawyer who specializes in immigration, criminal and civil law. Chances are that you should have consulted a lawyer yesterday and today you are in dire need of representation by a competent and experienced attorney. If this is the case, I am here to help. 

I treat all my clients with respect, empathy and compassion. I also represent you zealously and competently in every matter. I try hard to achieve justice in every case for every client, because I believe that the rule of law is designed to protect the weak against the powerful. I personally have experienced what it is like to be unjustifiably accused by the government, so I am prepared to fight for my clients in each and every case.  See more about my story in the About section.

As a Massachusetts criminal defense lawyer, I fight to dismiss every criminal charge, from misdemeanor to felony. If the facts of you case warrant a judge or jury trial, I will represent you in every court in Massachusetts, in both state and federal courts.  Alternatively, if the facts of you case call for a plea bargain, I will negotiate with the government for the most acceptable outcome.  Because I also practice immigration law, I will be able to consult you about the immigration consequences of guilty plea or conviction or may be able to remove the conviction from your record to prevent deportation or denial of naturalization by immigration officials.

As an immigration law practitioner I represent clients in every stage of immigration process from obtaining a visa, green card or citizenship to fighting deportation.  The immigration laws are complex and have gotten less forgiving in recent years.  If have an immigration question, you may benefit from a consultation with an immigration lawyer to be able to understand what options you have with respect to your immigration status.  This is especially true for those who are detained by immigration services and need to apply for bond before the immigration judge.  Call me to discuss what you or your family may be able to do.

If you have a civil matter such as breach of contract, personal injury or property damage, debt collection, summary process (eviction) or have a problem with an insurance company (subrogation or coverage issues), and need to protect your rights or avoid liability, don’t try to do it yourself. As a Massachusetts litigation attorney, I may be able to assist you whether you are suing someone as a plaintiff or being sued as a defendant.

    One of the greatest Supreme Court Justices, Luis D. Brandeis, has said "if you would only recognize that life is hard, things would be so much easier for you". I recognize that the life has been hard for many of my clients even before they needed a lawyer, so I offer flexible rates for my services and may provide free consultations.   Because your life does not stop when you are involved in legal proceedings, I can meet you after hours, during the weekend or travel to you.  Call or email me anytime day or night and I will return your message within 24 hours. 

Simon Glik, Attorney at Law

Immigration - Criminal Defense - Civil Litigation

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